Hi! I put together a mashup between Daft Punk’s Doing it Right and Charli XCX’s You - Ha Ha Ha¬†for an upcoming DJ set I have. I thought it turned out pretty great! Go ahead and give it a listen :)

Here’s a 90’s set I recorded a few weeks ago. It ranges from guilty pleasure to club staples, Madonna to Salt-N-Pepa.

Tumble Dry Low by Peroxide Mocha

I have a remix appearing on Peroxide Mocha’s latest EP, Tumblr Dry Low, along with some unreleased material and three other really fun remixes.

I really wanted to bring out the edge in Rachel’s voice so I paired it up with super aggressive synths and faux-guitar fuzz. I think it’s really a testament to her her vocal abilities, as well as the band’s songwriting, that her voice can be chopped up so drastically and still sound very pretty. I really happy with the remix and think you should check it out.

Giorgio Mordor produced an album for Sparks and, oh man, is it amazing. Classic disco. Sparks, if you’re unfamiliar, is an amazing brit-rock turned disco turned chamber pop band with records stretching back to the 70’s. Certainly worth looking forward to. Their songs remain witty and catchy and wonderful to this day.

I enjoyed this mix. Lots of good 90’s dance in there.

That sound you hear is every riot grrl trying to figure out if this is an X-Ray Spex cover or a Huggy Bear cover.

It’s like Mates of State got a full band together.

This song is the most fun you’ll have all day. Mates of State have been consistently good for so long now that I get dizzy just thinking about it.

Yacht is just wonderful. Just an all around wonderful band. A little culty? Sure. Still a good time? You bet.

Slow aching doo-wop by means of indie rockers. Mister Heavenly is pure songwriting craftsmanship. Effortless shifting moods and fantastic chord structure run under starkly contrasting vocals.